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Lewis number eight and counting

Tuesday, 14 January, 2014

The Lewis is a device that has been used by stonemasons for many years. It provides an anchorage point in a stone so that lifting tackle can be attached to help with raising or lowering heavy or awkward stones to then manhandle.

The word 'lewis' denotes strength and signifies the son of a mason. We have at least eight Lewises in the Lodge:

  1. Paul Rowlands
  2. Adrian Turner
  3. Tom Robinson
  4. Brian Long
  5. Don Mather (His father was a member of Three Spires Lodge No. 6940 when it met at Much Park Street)
  6. John Rook
  7. Wilf Smith
  8. Stephen Massey, who became our latest Lewis on 13 January 2014 (His father, W. Bro. Brian Massey, did the working tools for his son).

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