Making Good Men Better

New masons are required to pass through 3 ceremonies before they become Master Masons. At that stage they are able to become officers in the lodge if they wish, leading eventually to the office of Master of the Lodge, the highest office a Lodge can confer on a member.

One of the benefits that being a member of Charterhouse Lodge brings is that it’s able to offer members the opportunity to quickly progress through the various offices, should they wish to.

You’re more than just a number

Charterhouse’s members contain a high proportion of former Past Masters, bringing with them a lot of knowledge, experience and support that can be shared with fellow members.

How much does it cost?

As of 2014, membership initially costs around £400 in the first year, and then drops to around £200 thereafter.

What can I expect?

In Charterhouse you should expect to attend one Lodge meeting and festive board each month for 6 months of the year. There are also officers’ meetings and Lodge of Instruction meetings that are held monthly while the lodge is in session. Our meetings are held on a Monday night. For details of meeting dates visit our Events pages.

As a new member you can can also expect to be supported by the Lodge Mentor.

What is a Lodge Mentor?

The purpose of the Lodge Mentor is to see that new members are properly supported, to enable them to enjoy the whole Masonic experience and that existing members are content in the Lodge. It is also his duty to see that the decisions made by the Past Masters & Officers Meetings are followed through by liaising with his fellow officers.

W Bro Don Mather currently holds this office.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about Charterhouse Lodge or about becoming a Freemason then please contact us.

If you'd like to join or speak to us to find out more, then please contact us.