Making Good Men Better

Notice of Motion was given on 14 March, 1949 and the resolution passed on 9 May, 1949 "That in consequence of a request from several Junior Brethren, a Lodge of Instruction be formed in connection with the Lodge; that by-laws be formulated and that the approval of Provincial Grand Lodge be sought."

The inaugural meeting of Charterhouse Lodge of Instruction was held on 16 September, 1949. Earlier that year the Provincial Grand Lodge had approved the venture, which was "in consequence of a request from several junior brethren".

By October, 1958 the Lodge of Instruction had extended its membership to the Brethren of Coventrian Lodge No. 5982 and more recently to the Brethren of Stivichall Lodge No. 5799, which further strengthened its effectiveness.

These links have now passed from memory, even though our Lodge of Instruction continues to be strong.

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