Making Good Men Better

Charterhouse Lodge has always maintained the closest connection with its Mother Lodge, Trinity No. 254. Out of the 9 Craft Lodges meeting in Coventry in 1937, eight of them are represented on the final List of Founders for Charterhouse Lodge (three by their then Worshipful Masters, viz. Trinity No. 254 (W Bro F J Mills), St. George’s No. 3818 (W Bro A F Matts) and Victory No. 1009 (W Bro W R Cleverley). Of the 21 Founders of Charterhouse Lodge, 10 were members of Trinity Lodge No. 254, our sponsors.

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Many official visits have been exchanged between Charterhouse Lodge and Trinity Lodge over the years. For example, on 14 November, 1955, the then W. M. (Bro C F Redgrave) reported that he had attended a meeting of Trinity Lodge No. 254 for the purpose of presenting a blue velvet cushion corded with gold to support the VSL to mark the Bicentenary Celebrations of that Lodge. He also attended the celebration held in December 1955.

In 2005 Trinity Lodge No. 254 celebrated its 250 year anniversary, to which Charterhouse Lodge turned out in strength.

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