Making Good Men Better

In August 1937, The Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire issued a summons "to consecrate the Charterhouse Lodge No. 5690", following the instrumental actions of the late W Bro William Arthur Oubridge.

W M Bro William Arthur Oubridge

Named after the historic residence of the then Provincial Grand Master R W Bro Col (later Sir) W F Wyley V D, D L, the Lodge was consecrated at the Masonic Hall, Little Park Street, Coventry on 25 September 1937. Its first members joined on 11th October 1937.

Masonic Hall, Little Park Street

To become a Lodge we had also to be sponsored by a Mother Lodge, ours was Trinity Lodge No. 254.

Our natal year, 1937, was an interesting year and was the year in which King George VI was crowned following the abdication of Edward VIII.

The outbreak of War in September 1939, had little effect on the meetings of the Lodge until the air attacks began in the autumn of 1940.

The growing needs of the Lodge resulted in the forming of a Lodge of Instruction supported by several other Coventry Lodges.

The Lodge continued on its walk through history to another action-packed period in the 70s as it moved between venues.

We continue to this day in our new home, the Coventry Masonic Heritage Centre.

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